The Department of Mechanical Engineering has approximate 200 students.Here 42 lectures are held in every week which are taken by eight faculties of the department. The department has well and furnished equipments for performing the laboraties exercise. In laboraties,fluid mechanics and machinery lab, Material testing lab, thermodynamics lab, kinematics and dynamics lab, engineering mechanics lab, mechanical measurement and metrology lab, I.C. Engine lab, workshop, computer center and R&D labs are there in the department. Softwares like Auto Cad, Catia, Pro-E, Matlab, Ansys, C and C++, Abacus are also there in the department.

Mechanical Department Laboratories

S.No. Name of the Laboratories

Minor Equipment’s

(Less than Rs 50,000.00)

Major equipment’s

(More than Rs 50,000.00)

  Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab
  • Reciprocating Compressor
  • Bernoulli’s apparatus
  • Apparatus for determination of coefficient of discharge of V-notch
  • Apparatus for determination of   losses in sudden enlargement and contraction
  • Vortex Flow apparatus
  • Water Hammer test rig
  • Reciprocating pump test rig
  • Centrifugal pump test rig
  • Venturimeter
  • Orificemeter
  • Pipe friction apparatus
  • Impact of jet apparatus
  • Reynolds’s apparatus
  • Metacentric height apparatus
    • Francis turbine test rig
    • Kaplan turbine test rig
    • Hydraulics ram test rig
    • Journal bearing apparatus
    • Hydraulic bench apparatus
    • Reciprocating pump test set up
  Mechanical Measurement and metrology
  • Apparatus for conducting wear experiment
  • Torque measurement apparatus using torque transducer
  • Data Acquisition system
  • Displacement measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Snap and ring guage
  • Verniercaliper
  • Optical and electrical comparator
  • Dial indicator
  • Depth micrometer
    • Surface plate C.I. material
    • Profile projector sine bar
  • Model of Cornish boiler
  • Lancashire boiler
  • Babcock & Wilcox boiler
  • Green economiser
  • Lamount Boiler
  • Bensen Boiler
  • Volex Boiler
  • Flat plate solar collector
  • Solar modular panel model
    • Collar type collector
    • Focusing type parabolic solar collector model
  Engineering Mechanics
  • Four bar link Mechanism
  • Differential wheel and axle
  • Belt and pulley friction
  • Jib crane apparatus
  • Bending Moment apparatus
  • Polygon law of forces
  • Compound lever
  Material Testing Lab
  • Fatigue testing machine
  • Spring testing machine
  • Rockwell hardness testing machine
  • Universal Testing machine

(capacity 40 tonne)

  • Universal Testing machine

(capacity 60 tonne)

  • Impact testing machine
  • Brinell Hardness testing machine
  • Column testing machine
  • Vicker hardness testing machine
  • AC welding machine
  • DC welding machine
  • Grinding machine
  • Set of marking tools (surface plate, v-block, angle plate)
  • Sensitive drilling machine
    • Speed lathe 3- jaw (4 qty)
    • Speed lathe 4-jaw (4 qty)
    • Standard shaper (3 qty)
  Dynamics and kinematics of machine
  • Gyroscope apparatus
  • Governor apparatus
  • Whirling of shaft apparatus
  • Balancing apparatus
    • Universal Vibration apparatus
    • Epicyclic gear train and holding torque apparatus
  Internal combustion engine
  • Spark ignition system model
  • Four stroke petrol engine cut section model
  • Four stroke diesel engine cut section model
  • Two  stroke petrol engine cut section model
  • Two  stroke diesel engine cut section model


Conference Hall


Fluid Mechanics Lab

Material Testing Lab

Dynamics of Machine Lab

Head of Department Cabin

Engineering Thermodynamics Lab

Mechanical Metrology Lab

Engineering Mechanics Lab

Internal Combustion Engine Lab

Departmental Computing Facility








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