Message From HOD

1.      Mr.Sanjay Bansi, Mr.Sanjay Kehari and Mr. Subbham Soni of 5th semester electrical students participated in “All India Inter University Archery Compition-2014-15” at Kurukshetra University (Haryana). Prof. Manoj kumar Dewangan from department was appointed as manager of this team.

2.      T.V. Dixit presented a paper in International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Data Mining, “CDM Controller Design for Non-Minimum Unstable Higher Order system,” 20-21 Dec 2014, Burla.

3.      T.V. Dixit participated in First Indian Control Conference hosted by IIT Chennai, from 5-7 Jan 2015.

4.      T. V. Dixit has written a book chapter in Computational Intelligent in Data Mining-Volumn-3, “CDM Controller Design for Non-Minimum Unstable Higher Order System”- Springer India, ISBN-978-81-322-2201-9(Print), ISBN-978-81-322-2202-6 (Online), 2015. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Volume 33, 2015, pp 417-428

5.      T. V. Dixit, Nivedita Rajak, B. Sateesh, B. Gangadhar, “A Novel Approach of Stabilization of Cart Inverted Pendulum Using PID And CDM Controller,” Int. Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 9, Number 19 (2014), pp. 4255-4266.



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